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In our first meeting our initial plan of action was to investigate into the issue at hand and to familiarise ourselves with our group members. We were aware that the community we were organising for was low income families in Singapore. To effectively organise and raise questions for the group, we had to first acknowledge our particular skill sets. In a group of around four people, we listed out several qualities that defined us – for example skills such as being a critical thinker and caring – and activities that we enjoy doing so that we could integrate them into our activities with the kids of 4pm.

The next stage was to collate questions regarding low income families in Singapore. These were questions we wanted answered in order to better understand the community we were working with and how we could best adapt our activities and planning to meet their needs. These were questions that we were going to ask the 4pm group when we met them in the following week. For example, one question was, “what do the kids enjoy doing”. The answer to this question was critical in the ongoing planning and further investigation stages in order to adapt our activities to the kids and to make sure that they were enjoyable yet at the same time the most appropriate to what 4pm wanted to achieve from working with us. After this, we wrote down the four methods of investigation: observation, interviews, surveys, and media. From these methods of investigation, we placed our questions into their respective categories which then gave us a starting point on how we would proceed to get these questions answered.