Who are 4PM?

4PM is a service in Singapore that does a lot to help the local youth in Singapore whether they are at risk, stem from low income families or have parents/guardians who work long hours and are unable to take care of the children during the weekdays. They provide support to a lot of families through their literary association or their childcare program which is crucial to the community. If you wish to learn more about 4PM, you can access their website and explore some of their past community events in this video


What can we contribute to 4PM?

We are all Grade 11 Students at UWCSEA East and have been a part of the school’s service program for several years. Our skill set is mostly specific to the arts such as Music, Theatre and Dance. We began to Investigate by visiting 4PM’s centre in Bedok. These meetings have helped us assess the needs of the association’s child care program and adjust our skill set to the needs. We have decided to begin by familiarising ourselves with the kids by building a relationship through icebreaker activities then moving towards building the kids’ self esteem through storytelling to contribute to the ultimate goal of collaborating on a short drama performance with music and dance elements

Important links:

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