Our Service Learning Action Plan

Here is the link to our Service Learning Action Plan.

What we planned to do during our initial research and planning stages was to schedule out each session of our service so that we’d have an idea about the progress and activities we did with 4PM each week. We split up each week by having a different group of people organising the activities for that session and then we alternate.

Each session we have tried to slowly build the kids’ trust with us as well as their confidence. We initially planned activities so that we could get to know the kids and they could get used to being with us then we later transitioned to more activities based around building their confidence levels. We are continuing to plan our sessions around our goal which is to create a performance based on their topic of study, conservation, in order to increase their confidence and performance skills.

So far it has been a successful way to document our progress and keep record of what we have done. It’s also been helpful to us all because having all of the information on a central doc is convenient when planning for future sessions or reflecting on past ones.



Beginning the Journey

Weeks 1,2,3,4:

  • Session 1 planned by Josh, Annie and Natasha

    (Name games: throw a ball, duck duck goose, who stole the cookie from the cookie jar)

    • Possibly a ball
    • Josh
    • Annie
    • Natasha

This was our first session with the children. In order to break the ice, we planned to use Just Dance which would get them active and a bit more comfortable with the space. This ended up being such a large success we decided to plan to include it at the start of every session. We also needed to ensure that kids felt comfortable with us therefore for our first session we focused it on icebreakers, so they could get to know our names and what we enjoyed, so they, in turn, would feel comfortable telling us about them.

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