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Template Of Planning:

Section it out into minutes with a range of activities.


Write out the plan on the white board each week to ensure it is followed.

Be sure to book materials in advance so they are ready for the activity.

Example Plan:

Week 17

20th March


  • Just dance vids

2. Maybe play weather song

3. Small game to guess if it is hot or cold

  • Trying to Bring together all their knowledge of Weather
  • Find different situations that occur in each type of weather
  • Create a little snippet of all 3 kinds of weather in little groups

15 mins

4. 3 groups act out a scenario where it is extremely, hot cold or rainy. The group needs to keep it a secret, and the other groups need to guess which is the correct weather.

  • Present to the class
  • Perhaps PRINT OUT PICS OF CLIPART WEATHER CONDITIONS eg. sun, cloud, wind, rain, snow, fog, thunderstorm etc. that they need to act out – like charades


  • Props/ Instruments – recreate the noise of different weather patterns by grouping all the same instruments together eg. weather instruments together and everyone else acts out what windy weather is like

10 mins

If time in the end here are some possible weather games:

  • Weather hangman
  • Kids weather yoga
Vir, Isa, Meghna, Josh