How to get children engaged in activities?

Nichapa, Will and Lorette ‘s advice…….. ;))))

To get children engaged, you should make them feel like home. Most kids won’t feel comfortable for the first time they meet new people. You might want to ask their names and introduce yourself then you can get to know them more. However, you will not want to ask them 10 questions about their life at one time but you will get to talk to them every time they come to our school. This will make you and children get closer and talk more. Here are some tips for you to consider.

  1. For the first meeting, split them into small groups with at least one grade 11 in each group. This is to help them feel less nervous than talking in the big group discussion.
  2. Having your name tags with you is better. This is to make children remember your name and get to know you.
  3. Giving them opportunities to talk and say their opinions on things. Children might want to say their thoughts but are scared to talk by themselves. Therefore, you probably don’t want to be the only one who speaks but should let them talk as well.
  4. Remember that the point is to give children the best experience out of this service. You can find something that suits their ages and make them have fun as much as possible so they will be looking forward to coming again.
  5. Find activities that are suitable and useful for them based on the curriculum and what they do at school. You can focus on the environment or anything you find useful. However, you will not want to do something that is too difficult and complicated but simple and fun.
  6. “Activities always come with games” Kids LOVE playing games. It can be any game you think they will want to play it again if they pay attention to what you teach them. It can be musical chairs, tagging, etc.
  7. Children might fight with each other for what they want so you have to raise the awareness of working as a group and be kind. Everything depends on the activities you will make them do. Activities shouldn’t be too competitive but to support them play as a team and help each other.
  8. Be clear about what you want them to follow and do because you are all the only people they listen to here so show your leadership and be kind at the same time.