Our Initial Goal Setting and Aims for the Year ’19-’20

Here is the link to the goal-setting document. In it, we outlined that in 2019-20, our service group is committed to developing the children’s English abilities through theatre, dance and other activities, exposing them to new experiences and fostering an open mindset toward learning. We would attempt to achieve this goal through

  1. Direct service: Direct: Develop their English oral communication skills and supplement their learning through a variety of interactive activities. developing a greater sense of confidence and creativity.
  2. Indirect service: Collecting donations for Ramadan on wheels and the CNY donations
  3. Additionally, Advocacy: The Ramadan on wheels and CNY donations will raise awareness on socio-economic issues. We hope to increase awareness about the situation and backgrounds that the children come from.
  • Success Indicators
    • Direct: They are able to verbally communicate in English more coherently and fluently. Teacher feedback on engagement, more confident and creative, change in mindset towards learning.
    • Indirect/Advocacy: Difference between the donations from last year and this year. Increase in applications for this service next year.

Here is the document from our initial interview with the organisation, based off of which we created the programme and goals for the year.

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