Isa & Meghna Session Reflection + SWOT with 4PM Teachers

On Feb 20th Meghna and Isabella planned a session together for the students and below is a reflection on how it went and some of the challenges we faced through the process:

Learning Outcomes: LO3 (Initiative), LO4 (Commitment), LO5 (Collaboration)


In addition to our weekly SWOT analyses,  at the end of our last session we conducted a SWOT analysis with the teachers at 4PM to get feedback on how we could improve our sessions to benefit the students. Below are some of the things she mentioned.

The strengths of our service partnership are:

  • Engaging activities
  • Variety of activities
  • Getting students from the drop off point
  • Student to children ratio is good for ideal involvement of both 4PM students and UWC students
  • Loud voices that grab the students’ attention
  • Supervision at all times
  • Helpful – when we go onto the bus and help with seatbelts or take them to the bathroom
  • Respectful and gentle


Further goals for our service partnership are:

  • Instead of doing just doing movement
  • Express themselves – speech and drama
    • eg. ‘If you’re happy, how would you express yourself?’
  • More art and craft
  • Switch on lights when projector
  • Recycling w/ peppa pig –  use visuals and labels so the students have a reference
  • Zumba for kids – just dance
  • Weather (2 more weeks) – email us when units change so we can base our sessions around them
  • Minimise discussions with students to avoid distractions and restlessness
  • More presentation to the rest of the class – drama/speech based
  • Allow students to Take charge
  • Instructions slower


Below is our SWOT analysis from that session

(27th Feb not 21st)