My UWCSEA Learning Journey

Emotional Intelligence Goal- PSE

This year, I would like to develop the skill/quality of remaining positive and logical when in stressful situations. This is important to me because I think that this is a very important skill that ties into many others because in… Continue Reading →

CREST Reflection

Over the course of the CREST project, I have both encountered a few difficulties as well as learned many new things about my topic and how to research effectively. This project, in a few aspects, was successful because I was… Continue Reading →

Personal Statement 2020

When reflecting back on this year, I really noticed how much the High School experience has caused me to develop a lot as an individual and challenge what I once thought about myself. This year has been full of new… Continue Reading →

Political Cartoon

7 Lucky Steps to Annotating a Poem

The poem, “What It Looks Like To Us And The Words We Use” by Ada Limon, depicts a conversation with two friends who are reflecting on the complexities of nature and disagreeing on the unexplained forces which caused it. The… Continue Reading →

CREST STEM Project- SWOT Analysis

Transition to IB

The transition process going into IB has been a revisitation of some familiar systems, but also a change of routine for many of us. The subject choosing aspect of this has been very similar to what we did back in… Continue Reading →

Safe Partying: does educating others about it help solve the problem?

Safe partying is an issue which affects a lot of teenagers nowadays, but the question lies in whether informing young adults about the dangers of it, actually helps them to navigate the problem better. I believe that a lot of… Continue Reading →

The Dark Side of Social Media: Does It Actually Exist?

Social media is a popular topic nowadays, especially with the newer generation of teenagers and children being particularly active on it in a way we haven’t seen before. Many debates have been held on whether or not this medium for… Continue Reading →

A Journey To “Acceptance”: How 2 Stories Represent the True Problems of Labels

A Journey to “Acceptance” How 2 Stories Represent The True Problems of Labels The idea of acceptance is one that has been around since the very beginning and yet is still something that feels so vague. How do you define… Continue Reading →

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