This year, I would like to develop the skill/quality of remaining positive and logical when in stressful situations. This is important to me because I think that this is a very important skill that ties into many others because in times of pressure or stress, keeping a level head will allow you to increase your awareness and also remain considerate of others. This will help me deal with stress and pressure in a more positive way as I can turn an already bad situation into something constructive if I have the right mindset, helping others around me because they might also be able to adopt a calmer and more positive approach. I think that positivity can influence others when in times of extreme stress because by one person being positive, others might be influenced to take another perspective when viewing the situation, allowing them to work through the problem and come up with more creative solutions that they may not have seen before.

One thing that I dislike in people is when they see most situations quite negatively or looking for the downside. I see this in myself when in stressful situations because I can sometimes project negativity and assume the worst before it actually happens. This bothers me because I can end up stressing myself out even more before I have the full information, a habit which can negatively influence people around you to start doing the same thing. If an entire group of people begins to think negatively, it can be hard to work the problem and come up with a solution as we are all focused on one perspective of an issue. I can overcome this by not assuming anything before I have the full information and taking the time to self- reflect and see if my thinking is rational or if I am being influenced by a stressful situation.