Economic Growth and Environmental Sustainability

BLOG – Complete a blog entry giving your opinion on the tension between economic growth and environmental sustainability. Your blog should make reference to the competing perspectives and which stakeholders would hold different perspectives. Be sure to use the terms technocentric and ecocentric in context at some point in your blog.

People with an ecocentric viewpoint believe in sustainability for the whole earth.  They believe in the importance of looking after our earth and all the species living on it.  We shouldn’t take the earth, and its resources for granted, because one day it will run out.  On the other hand, people with a technocentric view point believe that technology will provide the solutions we need for the environmental problems we are creating, and that man will always find a way out of any difficulties, either political, scientific or technological.  Economic growth is vital for our development as a species.  Without growing economically, we cannot grow politically and socially.  However, economic growth does have a big impact on environmental sustainability.  The more goods and services we produce the more resources we use, and the higher our carbon footprint.  This is very against the ecocentric views as they believe in protecting the earth and its finite resources.  Economic growth is in favour of the views of technocentric because advancing economically means there will be a higher use of technology.  Economic Growth and Environmental Sustainability are both very important.  We cannot focus on advancing in one and just dismiss the other.  If we all just focused on growing economically, not caring about the amount of fossil fuels we are using or the levels of c02 emissions that are being produced, we will eventually come to a realization that if we carry on keep exploiting the earth’s resources, there will soon be nothing left.  By that time the human race will rely so heavily on unsustainable resources, that a change to renewable energy sources will be difficult.

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