Learning goals

During the conversation with my mentor, I decided that my main goal would be to try and balance school, training an homework. This will help me have more time to relax if I can manage my tasks and time better. I think this would help me be more organised and that means I will not have to worry about having piles of homework to do each night. To help me achieve this goal I decided that I would try and work at school before my training so that when I get home late I don’t that much work to do, also using my free day where I don’t have training effectively trying to get as much work done as possible.

C1 Test

After getting my test back I was pleased to see that I had an overall good understanding on almost everything on the test one thing I think I did well on, was giving clear explanations. One thing I could have done better on and have a better understanding of was knowing more and understanding more about compounds mixtures and atoms. For next time I need to make sure I read back over my test

How Can we Benefit from difficult experience?

Depending on your mindset and depending on how well you can take failing and how well you can handle difficult times these are factors that play a huge part in how well you can act in a difficult time and how well you come out at the other side. If you have a good mindset you will always come out of the situation a better person because you are open to learning and you don’t mind challenges. So, for example, you lose in the final of a football game you will feel terrible but with the right attitude you will be able to bounce back and look at it as a good experience to have so if or when you get there again you have more experience and you might have a better chance to win. If you fail you should take it on the chin and use it as motivation to do better and to work harder so that you don’t fail at the same point again.

What do i want to achieve by the end of grade 9?

What do I want my high school journey to look like?

For me, I think high school is about pushing yourself to the limit. So naturally I don’t want it to be all plain sailing and I know it won’t be. With every bump in the road, there are many new challenges that come along and help you test yourself. All in all, I don’t want my high school journey to be smooth and I know it won’t be but I will accept all the challenges that come and try and overcome them as best as I possibly can. By the end of the year, I want to be able to Balance My sports, academic and social life.

Has Technology change the way you relate with others?

I think that technology has really influenced the way we interact with others and the way we communicate with other is the modern era. Like every new way of doing something, this has its ups and downs. Using things like Skype can be really useful when keeping touch with people overseas whether that be family or friends. Social media can also be a way to keep in touch with people and knowing what they are doing and when they are getting up to in the new chapter of their life. There are also some disadvantages to online communication, Such as use for the wrong reason and potentially the exposure to inappropriate sites news etc.