I believe it is important for children to learn about the world we live in and the people in it. This is why I chose the service ‘Urban Gardening’ in season 3 and 4. I am very glad that I signed up for this service because I have taken away so much from it. Not only has it taught me to have a green thumb and to do all I can to help take care of our planet, but it has also taught me the importance of interacting with the environment we live in. We take from our world every day, we should learn how to give back too. We rely on the resources we take from the earth so we should protect it as much as possible. I believe that everybody should be able to feel a connection with nature and feel closer to the heart of our planet.

“Our student-writers rose to the challenge, producing authentic, responsible and powerful pieces.” How far does this describe your experience?

I enjoyed most of the process we went through during writers fortnight. Personally, I really enjoyed the research process because I found it very interesting to read about the problems in football and the large scale effects caused by them. I think that this was because I enjoy learning about football. The talks we had at the start of writers fortnight were very interesting.

Feature article

Football has come a long way since the beginning, with the development of the technology used in the game, for example, the balls, the goal posts and the pitches, along with the development for the stadiums and clubs gaining more wealth and power. Football has come a long way and developed nearly all aspects of the sport. However, there is one part of the game that hasn’t really changed. Racism. Racism in football has been an issue from the start there was a point to were it got so out of hand, footballer Ian Wright received racist abuse of his teammates and members at a club in the early stages of his career it may have gotten better over the years but the truth is we have only become more and more aware of the problem and the consequences of the behaviour. There have been many cases of racism towards players whether that is on or off the pitch or in the press and news.

During a Europa league game between Atalanta (Italy) and Dortmund (Germany) monkey noises were aimed at Belgium striker Batshuayi from Atlanta fans. Atlanta fans have been previously banned for racist chants towards? and another player. After the game, the player made his thoughts clear about the situation by tweeting this is “2018 and still racist monkey noises in the stands … really ?! hope you have fun watching the rest of @EuropaLeague on TV while we are through”. Personally, I think this is wrong of the fans to do this and I really don’t see the point or the benefits they get out of this. However, I do think the way the player reacted was very good, adding irony and humour makes it seem like he’s shrugging it off and making it seem like he’s not affected and not showing his explicit emotions means the fans may believe that it didn’t affect him and they will stop. After the event and after the player tweeted and made the event clear it became more apparent and UEFA began to deal with the situation.      

During an EPL game between Arsenal and Tottenham, Arsenal striker Aubameyang got a banana thrown at him from the stands by a Tottenham fan after he had scored. It was a very heated game and the two clubs are huge rivals, however, this still doesn’t make it the right thing to do or make it acceptable. Whether the fan was doing it to try and be funny or in anger that his team had just conceded we will never know. The choice of the banana I feel was deliberate as he of African descent and the banana is saying that he is a monkey basically.  After the incident, the player took to Instagram with a #’whysmandoingthis’? Along with a photo of the incident. Along with the other player, the response isn’t really showing much emotion towards the situation. The situation was later handed over to both clubs and the FA. Personally, I don’t think, the £500 fine that they gave the fan was enough because the FA speak very clearly about these issues and make their thoughts clear on the situation and for how they have spoken about the situation I think the fine should be a lot more. Because with having such a small fine it is like they just want it solved and they don’t want to deal with it and it is implying that it is not a big     

In conclusion, I personally think that there are too many of these scenarios and because they are reoccurring the punishment isn’t harsh enough or there isn’t anything being done to stop it. As mentioned in the first paragraph there was one example of nothing being done in the situation and that could have resulted in more and more events after this one. Many people would say, that with the current racism incidents in football the situation seems to be getting worse and worse, however, I don’t think its getting worse I just think that we are becoming more aware of the problem and the consequences of each and every incident.    


Student talk

I wasn’t sure what to expect from this talk as it was a bit different from the other talks because it was a group of 4 students. I think it was a good talk as it was very interesting and we could closely relate to them. It helped me learn to think like a writer because as they all talked, you had to understand what they were saying, take notes, and remember the important parts.

Mr Stirrat

Based on Mr Stirrat’s talk about his run through the desert some questions I have are,

What was the most challenging part of the trip?

Did you ever want to give up or stop during the run?

Did you have any second thoughts before going?

Because you mentioned how hard and challenging it was would you chose to go back and do it again?

Is there anything else similar to that run that you would like to do perhaps another challenge?

These are some questions that I would have liked to ask Mr Stirrat.

Fight against Racism

I found this talk very interesting, enjoyable and funny. I really enjoyed how he just told a story and interacted with the audience very well. I was really nice just to listen to the story about how he dealt with racism in what was almost his everyday life. Being from England I could relate to the story a little bit having seen those types of things happen a few times. overall I thought that his talk was very good and very entertaining. It was also nice that he was able to laugh and joke about it afterwards while telling the story.

Dan Benett

From his talk, I learnt a lot about the ups and downs of being a footballer. It was also a good insight into what it’s like being a pro footballer. It was also very interesting to know how the Singapore football development system works first hand from someone who has come through the full system, and what they think about it. It was also very interesting because Dan had been involved and had played in the UK at the top level so he also had experience of what it was like in the UK. As a footballer myself I was able to relate to what he was saying and understand. I also found it very interesting and useful to me because I would like to become a pro myself.

Learning goals

During the conversation with my mentor, I decided that my main goal would be to try and balance school, training an homework. This will help me have more time to relax if I can manage my tasks and time better. I think this would help me be more organised and that means I will not have to worry about having piles of homework to do each night. To help me achieve this goal I decided that I would try and work at school before my training so that when I get home late I don’t that much work to do, also using my free day where I don’t have training effectively trying to get as much work done as possible.

C1 Test

After getting my test back I was pleased to see that I had an overall good understanding on almost everything on the test one thing I think I did well on, was giving clear explanations. One thing I could have done better on and have a better understanding of was knowing more and understanding more about compounds mixtures and atoms. For next time I need to make sure I read back over my test

How Can we Benefit from difficult experience?

Depending on your mindset and depending on how well you can take failing and how well you can handle difficult times these are factors that play a huge part in how well you can act in a difficult time and how well you come out at the other side. If you have a good mindset you will always come out of the situation a better person because you are open to learning and you don’t mind challenges. So, for example, you lose in the final of a football game you will feel terrible but with the right attitude you will be able to bounce back and look at it as a good experience to have so if or when you get there again you have more experience and you might have a better chance to win. If you fail you should take it on the chin and use it as motivation to do better and to work harder so that you don’t fail at the same point again.