Emotional Intelligence – my musings around goal setting

This year, I would like to develop the skill/quality of Focusing on myself this is important to me because I think it will make problems and challenges be easier to overcome this will help me be a better person and overcome challenges and problems easier I think This will help others by allowing me to be more emotionally aware and be able to help others through their problems. I dislike when I make emotional choices/ statements, I see this in myself when I am upset or stressed and faced with a problem and can sometimes make bad choices based on emotions. This bothers me because I feel the consequences of the bad decision that I made when I was emotional and it sometimes affects others. I can overcome this by taking the time to compose myself and breath during stressful times and take time and space away from the situation.

Analytical response

I will be exploring how identity is portrayed and how identity effects this visual piece of work. This visual piece offers multiple themes and perspectives on the issue trying to be addressed by the poster. Identity affects the perspectives of work and also helps us to ask questions about how can this text or visual piece offer multiple perspectives, how are we affected by the text or visual piece as well as how do language and culture stereotypes affect and change the way we look at the text or visual piece but also how do the texts and visual pieces of work affect our view on culture and language and can they form stereotypes.

The girl on the left is holding a book more specifically the book is little red riding hood which has been banned in some places in the US and the girl on the right is holding a gun. The two objects are the centre of attention of the poster as they are in the foreground. The contrast between the two objects shows that the book is a symbol of education however the gun is a symbol of violence and death. This message that could be trying to be portrayed could be that the wrong things have been banned.

We could also say that they are reversing the roles of racial stereotypes and their relationships with certain objects. For example, we may associate books and education with privilege and wealth which is often stereotyped to be associated with white people. The gun that represents violence and crime is often associated with people with black/coloured skin. This could be displaying the message of equal rights possible or educating children to understand that those stereotypes arent true.

Little fires everywhere

I think that there is a lot of different underlying messages and meaning to this quote “You didn’t make good choices. You had good choices.” I think that the basic meaning of this quote is that there was a right decision to make but you chose the wrong/bad decision. I think we can link this to the BLM riots, however, the wrong and right choice is very much opinion based however I think many people think that some of the things going on in America related to the BLM campaigns are wrong. I think that there was a right decision to be made in terms of a peaceful protest however the decisions that were made to start violence and looting were wrong.

Crest final Reflection


Overall I think my crest project was successful I think my research went well as I was able to collect reliable and relevant data to support my research questions, I also believe that I set a good research plan and poster layout that helped me achieve this. In the future one thing, I would improve is my poster I think that even though the layout was good I could improve the content of the poster and make it less text-heavy, maybe more engaging/ interactive with the audience. Throughout this project, I have learnt many new research skills as well as project management skills, I also think it has prepared me for IB EE’s well. I hope my project helps other student-athletes understand the importance of recovery and what is needed in order to be the best athlete they can be.


Bias and racism

This video made the most impact for me as it is through football which is something I am passionate about. I also felt that the message going through the sports world can be very powerful as many young kids look up to these players and if players set a good example our younger generation will follow. I think sport and football is one of the best ways to get a strong message out as it has a huge audience and it can impact a lot of generations. I think it very important to educate the younger generation whos families may not have the “correct”  attitude towards the situation.


Izzy diary entry

She can’t control me but she thinks she can. She thinks that she can make me a mini her. To her, he thinks she is in control her controlling manners don’t work with me she thinks I am to be a mini her, but no I am me. She will never be able to control me I will never be a mini her. One day she will realise it, one day.

To what extent do you agree?

Rate each from 1-5: 1 strongly disagree and 5 strongly agree.

  1. People are happiest when they follow rules. 3/5 
  2. Rules are meant to be broken. 4/5 
  3. Children should only be raised in families that mirror their ethnicity. 2/5
  4. The best community is one in which racial and cultural differences are eliminated.1/5 
  5. A good mother will not make serious mistakes in raising her children. 1/5 
  6. Women with more financial resources make better mothers. 1/5 
  7. Teens in high school should not be parents. 5/5