Community within sport

Sport is a big contributor to how people socialize here at the United World College South East Asia. The school offers a variety of sports, all competing at a very high level. The sport’s like swimming, football, basketball, and softball, as well as many others, all show true values of a great sporting community. In the swim team, the senior swimmers run the pre-pool(stretching, core exercising). As well as putting in and getting out the lane ropes. The team is very supportive during the hard training, and also pushes one and other to reach each student’s best potential. As a competitive athlete of 6 years, I have been on State teams, a National Team, however, the UWCSEA dragons offers a different and in my opinion better atmosphere for athletes and students to develop relationships, and build a community following a sport and sharing motivation and dreams.

5 thoughts on “Community within sport”

  1. If I were answering the topic you selected, one similarity between your opinion and my opinion would probably be that sports does benefit us in many ways. For example, it keeps us fit, helps us reduce our blood pressure and most importantly helps us to relief our stress.

  2. It looks like you would like to join the UWCSEA dragons, and your post contains a lot of useful knowledge, so I learned a lot through your post.😀

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