EE interim reflection

After conducting the research for my extended essay, it can be said that the research was successful especially that which included finding the trend between the independant and dependant variable and I had managed to derive the fact that the trend which I got in my experiment was the same as the one that I found out while conducting research.

I learnt that one must be resilient and willing to make mistakes while conducting research and I also understood that while carrying out a practical, one must be patient and precise and this is something that I learnt through the course of the extended essay.

I changed my dependant variable from finding out the number of moles adsorbed to the average rate of adsorption since it was more interesting to investigate and more relatable to the real life scenario.

I have developed an understanding for the use of citrus fruit peels as waste material and cheap purification techniques.

Initial Basketball U-19 reflection

At the start of season 2, my plan was to try out for tennis since that was a sport that I had a great deal of interest for. However, I was not particularly successful in my attempts as I was not able to make the team. I was then faced with two options. I could have either put my head down or tried out for another sport. I decided that the latter was better option and I managed to get that thought since I was resilient and determined to play a sport that season. Hence, I decided to try out for the school basketball team despite not having any previous affiliations with basketball.

Since I had no experiences with basketball, it was important for me to try and keep up as much as I could during the tryouts in order to increase my chances of making the cut for the team. At first, it was quite difficult to keep up to the rigour that this sport entails as there were certain instructions that were given that I was not able to understand at first because I was not familiar about most of the rules of the game. Hence, it was important for me to communicate effectively in order to find out what I was supposed to do hence I would say that I was able to communicate effectively since the start of the tryouts. The main people with whom I would collaborate were my peers and coach as they were the ones who would help me throughout the course of the season.

Initial Softball U19 reflection

At the start of season 3, I just found out that I had made the softball team. It was indeed a unique opportunity for me as it was the first time that I made the softball team. My first thoughts were that I had to develop many skills in order to be successful in this particular sport.

First and foremost, I had to pay utmost attention to the advice that was given to me by my coaches since they were the experts of the game and I realised that it was important for me to pay attention to them as well as talking the initiative to go and ask them questions about what I needed to do and that would not only benefit me but the entire team as well since softball is a team sport and it was something that I felt that I needed to do in order to benefit the team. In the future, if I am in a situation like this, I would find out more about it before joining the season.

At the start of the season, it was very important for me to portray skills such as perseverance and resilience as there would be many instances where I would feel like this is not the right thing for me, however, if I continue to be resilient and perseverant, it would be good enough for me to continue this journey and hopefully it would prove to be fruitful for me.

Mid year Leher Reflection

In Season 1, I started off in Leher GC. I signed up for this particular Global Concern with the aim of making a difference for the street kids in Mumbai who unfortunately do not have the opportunity to have access to proper education and facilities. Throughout the course of the GC so far, I had the privilege of helping these children.

Our GC organised a football tournament and all the proceeds from this event would go towards the funding of the Leher Organization. There were many logistical aspects that I was a part of in order for the smooth functioning of this event. Firstly, I was in charge of organising the fixtures for the day. This was an important segment for the tournament as a whole as in order for the smooth running of the tournament, it was important to get all the fixtures organised in a proper manner. Hence, it was important for me to be organised in order for the smooth running of the tournament. Another reason why it was important for me to be organised was because of the various changes such as the involvement of more teams, some teams dropping out and some teams joining in. Hence, it was very important for me to be proactive in this matter as I had to make changes to the original plans at regular intervals.

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Final U19 Softball Reflection

In Season 3, I had the opportunity to be a part of the Softball team. Since it was the first time I had been a part of the Softball team, there were many new skills that I could develop and prior skills that I could consolidate.

My only past experiences with Softball were the times I used to play during Physical Education classes and during Season 1 where I used to do it as a recreational activity. I really enjoyed playing this sport as I got to challenge myself as well as have an enjoyable time. This was one of the main reasons as to why I decided to try my hand at taking it to the next level by representing the school for Softball.

As soon as I stepped in for the tryouts, I understood that my preferred position on the field is the in-field as ground fielding and reflexes are pivotal in order to have an effect on the match while fielding in that position and I believed that I had the required skillset in order to be in the in-field. I was over the moon when I had been given the shortstop fielding position as one would have to have a constant awareness about the game as well as being a good fielder in order to field at that position.

One thing that I wanted to develop during the course of the season was my batting. I had the basic skillset regarding hitting it in the gaps and running, but now I wanted to hit the ball long as that would result in home runs which would be beneficial for the team. That was one thing which I focused on specifically during the training sessions and my hard work paid off as I was able to hit a home run in our third game of the season against UWCSEA Dover.

Being a part of the team of a particular sport for the first time was not easy and it required a lot of communication between my team mates. Since Softball has the reputation of being a team sport, it was important for me to make my points crystal clear as well as listening to what my other team members put forth as that will enhance my involvement in the team as well. It was easy in order to collaborate with my peers as they were willing to put their points forth as well as listen to what was being put forth as well. In order to become a better team player in the future, it is important to look at the interests of the entire team before personal interests.

EE Reflection 1 – Joel Antony

For my extended essay, I was quite certain that I wanted to do something in Chemistry that involves a series of experiments that would put my lab skills to test. Hence I began to do some preliminary research on potential extended essay topics in the subject of Chemistry. After conducting some research, I came across this topic pertaining to biosorption of heavy metal ions by red algae. This immediately struck a chord inside me as I have never thought that an experiment like this could be carried out and after conducting further research, I managed to narrow down my research question and take note of how temperature manages to play a role in the amount of lead adsorbed by red algae. Lead has the potential of causing brain damage if consumed while present in water, hence this experiment comes as a cheaper alternative to purification techniques that are not so cost effective. Despite managing to get a base for my EE, it is time to consolidate it by carrying out some more research regarding past experiences with this particular experiment to see what would be the best way for me to carry it out.

Kahaani CAS reflection


In Season 2, I had the opportunity to be a part of the Kahaani activity which is aimed at raising money for an NGO in Kolkata. Kahaani is a dance show which allows us, students, to help people through the medium of dance. Dance involves a lot of practice and hence it was essential for me to balance my time in order to meet with success.

Since I had never performed in a dance show before, there were instances where I just felt like giving up but I decided to be resilient and persevere in my attempt to take part in this dance show. In order to motivate myself throughout the course of the rehearsals, I just thought about how successful the final performance would turn out to be if I practiced hard and gave it my all. The other dance members also faced dilemmas like this hence it was important for all of us to help each other out as it was a group effort at the end of the day. Due to the grueling demands of the IB program, there were instances where I felt burdened by the course and believed that I would not be able to take part in the show. However, I was resilient and I was able to tell myself that I should be able to balance my time effectively.

Hence, being a part of this particular activity helped me learn the skill of overcoming challenges and looking at the positives rather than the negatives.

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