Student Voice CAS reflection

In Grade 12, I was a part of the Student Voice committee where we were responsible for the smooth functioning of all the events that happen within the grade. Being a part of the student voice committee, there were many new skills that I was able to develop and I was able to consolidate.

There were some links to learning outcome 7 which is that of ethics. There were ethical decisions that had to be considered while arranging the Senior hoodies because we had to be in compliance with the regulations that the school had in place. I had to base my decision making on what the guidelines on the school were because if we went against it then our ethical values would have been questioned. Taking that into consideration, the decision that was made was beneficial for the entire group as we did not go against the school in any way which meant that we were ethical. Since we were all supporting each other, it led to all of us being principled and making the right decision eventually. This can also be linked to collaboration as we had to communicate to get our ideas through to one another.


Final EE reflection

During my extended essay, the skills that I gained was my ability to carry out advanced research. Conducting an investigation on a research-based question was never my strength since I never really enjoyed reading through different sources. I also learnt to take into account the need to control variables since it affects the results that are obtained. The quality of data collected was another important aspect of the extended essay and it would only be of high quality if I carried out the experiments in a precise manner. While carrying out one trial, I obtained a negative value for the number of moles adsorbed by the orange peels and that was an indication that I should carry out the experiment with more precision. I managed to do so since the trend in my results supported the hypothesis hence it is evident that precision is important in any scientific investigation.


EE interim reflection

After conducting the research for my extended essay, it can be said that the research was successful especially that which included finding the trend between the independant and dependant variable and I had managed to derive the fact that the trend which I got in my experiment was the same as the one that I found out while conducting research.

I learnt that one must be resilient and willing to make mistakes while conducting research and I also understood that while carrying out a practical, one must be patient and precise and this is something that I learnt through the course of the extended essay.

I changed my dependant variable from finding out the number of moles adsorbed to the average rate of adsorption since it was more interesting to investigate and more relatable to the real life scenario.

I have developed an understanding for the use of citrus fruit peels as waste material and cheap purification techniques.

Initial Basketball U-19 reflection

At the start of season 2, my plan was to try out for tennis since that was a sport that I had a great deal of interest for. However, I was not particularly successful in my attempts as I was not able to make the team. I was then faced with two options. I could have either put my head down or tried out for another sport. I decided that the latter was better option and I managed to get that thought since I was resilient and determined to play a sport that season. Hence, I decided to try out for the school basketball team despite not having any previous affiliations with basketball.

Since I had no experiences with basketball, it was important for me to try and keep up as much as I could during the tryouts in order to increase my chances of making the cut for the team. At first, it was quite difficult to keep up to the rigour that this sport entails as there were certain instructions that were given that I was not able to understand at first because I was not familiar about most of the rules of the game. Hence, it was important for me to communicate effectively in order to find out what I was supposed to do hence I would say that I was able to communicate effectively since the start of the tryouts. The main people with whom I would collaborate were my peers and coach as they were the ones who would help me throughout the course of the season.

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