Paper 1 – Analysing advertisement reflection

What i need to improve on

  • make points of interpretation instead of just description
  • deeper unpacking on the language is needed
  • Dont use general terms – be specific about the context
  • be careful in the phrasing – make the point i am making clear
  • the woman is not real, she is characterise to fit the purpose
    – can soup which means woman can use the time to prepare food more efficiently on making herself look more beautiful
  • look for repetitions and patterns – there was a recurring theme of home
  • In the introduction, i need to make what my interpretation of the advertisement is
  • A lot of the time i assume that the person reading my essay will understand me; i need to explain my points a little more
  • grammar, punctuation

Advertisement analysis – Lux (soap for stocking)


  1. Describe what you see in the advert 
  • The woman’s whole body is portrayed while man is half cut off 
  • The light turned on in the background is used as a spotlight to capture the scene. 
  • The product Lux is at the bottom corner of the advertisement – problematise the stocking and lux as a solution at the end
  • The woman and man are both dressed neat with nice furniture they are sitting on (seems to be a fancy living room) 
2. The text multimodal
  • Around 50-50% the proportion
  • There are two visual texts
  • One of them is the big scene in the left side and the middle
  • The other one is in the bottom right corner – that is a picture of the LUX 
  • There are also two parts of the written text
  • One of them is the big headline at the top
  • The other one is a longer written text (although in smaller fonts) at the right side
  • There is also a big graphic arrow in the bottom left corner, with written text on it
3. Composition and layout 
  • The shape of the frame in which the scene is set narrows down into the woman’s leg, with a large arrow pointing at her leg – puts emphasis on the leg 
  • No one is looking straight at the camera, it seems like a snapshot of a part of a scene
  • The written text is around the snapshot, although it is heavily on the right side. Since people read from left to right, the photograph comes first before the text so it leads the customer to see the problem and then see the solution 
4. Describe the people and their relationship
  • Even though they are at home, they are in a neat suit and woman with full make up. This suggest how their relationship is not close between them and they care about how they look
  • Their eyes are not met, they don’t seem to be close
5. What is foregrounded
  • There is only one part, where the texts overlap each other: the big graphic arrow is on the picture which shows the man and the woman -> the arrow cover the man’s lower body and legs, while emphasizes the woman’s legs (and lower body)
6. Connotation of the visual image 
  • There’s a man (assuming he is a husband), who is dressed in a neat suit, (and meant to read a newspaper) staring down at the woman’s (assuming she is a wife) legs and stockings
  • The man seems to be judging the woman’s appearance on her leg while the woman seems as if she doesn’t care much (she concentrates on her knitting)
  • The man is sitting in a lower position than the woman, whose figure is emphasized in this way too
7. Connotation of the text/word
  • The word ‘married?’, as a question is in bolt capital letters at the top left corner -> that is the first thing that catches our eyes, and through this, it is highly emphasized
  • Right after that, a judging, quilt provoking sentence comes (which is longer than the previous) in slightly smaller size (not capital, but still bold)
  • Underneath, at the right side, next to the image, the length of the lines of texts getting longer, but the font sizes decreases at the same time
8. Typography of the advert/ emphasis on certain words
  • Catches eyes of the audience with a large font “Married?” which is the first thing we will most likely see, this targets the married audiences
  • Small but with bold lettering “save elasticity” which is the ultimate function of the product. If people are skimming through, the advert, they will be able to capture the target audience, function, and how this product will help the audience
9. Mood and tone
  • The mood is very tense, though the use of the man’s sharp eyes on the woman. This makes the advert relatable because at that time, women experience these things a lot
  • The tone of the text seems very cheerful and positive. 
10. Values and assumptions reflected in the text
  • The whole advert is based on the idea how the wives have to do everything they can to stay attractive to their husbands after the merridge -> male dominance
  • The adverts assumes that using LUX, they can keep their stockings nice and perfectly run-free, so their husbands would admire them (again? After the merridge)
11. Brand or product promoted 
  • LUX is a kind of soap, well-known about its gentleness
12. Identity, context, audience, purpose, style 
  • Identity: women represented in a way that they are careless about how their husbands want to see them -> the advert suggests that they should do care, and it offers the lux soap as a perfect solution; the lux can help the insolent, maybe a bit not-knowing wives to favor their husbands and become truly attractive to them, as the wives should do
  • Context: when was it released?
  • Audience: Young housewifes
  • Purpose: broadcast the image that with lux they can become more caring, better-looking and more perfect wives who do know what their husbands need
  • Style: the women are in the foreground, but their ignorance to fulfill their husband’s need is emphasized. The narrator tells them off a bit at the beginning, because they do not care enough; the judgy look on the man’s face in the picture supports this too

Why are portrayal of disability so rare in advertising?

Overal summary

  1. Medal winning Paralympian and TV presenter

Sees the need to “represent and reflect society as much as possible” and “break the norm”

2. Director of Channel 4’s 2016 paralympics trailer

It was his first time doing the shots with people with disability, but he learned a lot of new things. he thinks to include these people more often.

3. head of campaign

Media should play more roles to help challenge societal stereotypes since it holds large power to influence people



Advert analysis

  • The shot is focused on her facial expression rather than the disability: It is presenting her willingness and her positive attitude towards the work
  • Emphasise the words “able” and “can”: focusing on what she can do rather than what she cant do
  • The bolded text: declarative statement which is what the advertiser wants to tell us
  • she is straight looking at the camera: suggests her confidence – disability doesnt define her as a person/ as a type writer
  • The page is b/w which suggest it is old: at that time stereotypes and discrimination against disabled people were more obvious, and this is challenging the idea

U19B Football #2

End of Season 1 U19B Football – What I got out of this experience/ outcome

One of the major thing I thought was important to take away is the importance of looking out for improvement rather than just the end result. A lot of the times, we were disappointed looking at the game result. One of the reasons we weren’t winning was because the opponent was A team, we were also not strong enough as a team since we had less experience. But as we reflect after each game, we realised that our communication, passing, working as a team has gotten much better. We talked about how we have improved compared to the last game and this really encouraged the whole team to work harder. This is when i realised that sometimes, it is okay to lose, as long as we are improving and we recognise it. It taught me the importance of being confident, enjoying sports, the power of encouragements, and team reflections.

Culturama 2019 #2

Post culturama show – What I have gotten out of it/ Outcome

It has been a week since culturama ended and I think that I have been able to create one of the most memorable experience out of this. There are 2 major things I got out of this experience and in my opinion, both of them are very important for me. Throughout the journey, I have been able to develop my dance skills and collaborative skills. The dance of South korea was challenging, though through practices outside of the usual rehearsals, i was able to overcome, learning how to cope with challenges. Being one of the more experienced dancers in the group, I have learned to help the other dancers who are struggling to remember, in a way that will make it easier for them to master the dance. Another thing I got out of this is interacting with people from other grades. Through this dance, i have been able to make new friends from either lower or higher grades. It changed my perceptions about being friends with people from different grades and at the same time, I learned the enjoyment of meeting people from different age groups. Not only about dance, we talked about different things and it was interesting enough to see different perspectives on different things. Overall, Culturama has helped me bond with new people and i think that it is an event that is not only about dance, but about a way of learning about yourself and others.

Chimamanda Ngozie Adichie – Stereotype

We redid our visual map and this time we were able to use both visual and written work. It was better than how we did last time because it was in a way that if a person who hasn’t watched the video sees it, they are able to follow what the important message was. We focused on th stereotypes; what people think it is and what it actually is.


Video here:

U19B Girls Football #1

U19B Girls Football – Challenges/what i look forward to

I have been on this team for 3 years now and since I am one of the older people in the team, I want to take some leadership role. I am a vice captain on the team, but one of the challenges for me is that I am very bad at taking leadership role. I am usually nervous to talk in front of a group of people so I want to try overcome that.

This year, my goal is to be a good senior. For the past 2 years, I was a friend of a girl who is 2 years older than me called feven (she graduated last year). Whenever i was upset about football because i let down my team, or i was confused, she was always there to help me. She was very encouraging and she made me feel more comfortable in the team. I want to be like her in the football team, someone who can take care of other people.

I am looking forward to enjoying football with the people in my team and meet new people from different grades. I dont really think about winning or losing because we are all inexperienced with football, but i hope to make this experience another good one.

Local service #1

Circus – challenges/what i am looking forward to

I joined this service last year as well and i really enjoyed it so I decided to joint his year again. One of the things I am looking forward to is the circus shows we do. It is very fun to have a large audience and seeing them have fun watching us too. Another thing is teaching the local kids how to do the circus tricks. It is very rewarding to see kids say thank you to me after they get the trick.

One of the challenges is that I am trying to go on a giraffe unicycle. I tried to go on it last week and i could ride well, but my control was very bad so i want to work on that. It is very rewarding to see myself improve every time and my goal is to be good enough to be able to ride it in one of the shows.