My Activities Journey at UWCSEA

I have learned so many skills throughout the course of this year: including leadership, communication, collaboration, critical thinking and being self-confident. Through the various activities that I did this year I have developed these skills. This year I did multiple activities like Pre-season Touch, swimming (season 1), Urban Gardening, Blue Dragon GC, High School Drama Production; The Heart of Robin Hood and History Society (season 3). Through these activities, I didn’t only develop the skills needed to perform these activities but also, ‘life skills’ that are essential for everyday life. I did sports like swimming and touch to not only lead a healthy lifestyle but to learn leadership and communication skills. Swimming is a sport that you mostly do alone, without communicating much, but at UWCSEA, the environment even during swimming was very cohesive and everyone was very supportive of each other. Even during touch, I realised the importance of communicating with each other and helping fellow teammates. These essential skills can be used in the future as communication is needed in every field of work from being a chef to being an Architect. Leadership skills are also essential in various aspects of life including teaching and giving presentations. In my service Urban Gardening, I learned the importance of collaboration. The first week of service, I was really nervous since I had never done any type of gardening before but, after communicating and forming a team with grade 11’s who were not new to the service, I learned so much about gardening. I realised the significance of communicating with not only teammates but my fellow students from other grades. It is important to communicate as it encourages the sharing of skills. For my Global Concern- Blue Dragon, which helps kids who have been trafficked in Vietnam, I learned the skill of collaboration. I collaborated with my group to form a podcast and spread awareness. I found the skill helpful because it enabled me to interact with my teammates and share ideas in order to spread greater awareness. Though I had never done history before, I was always intrigued by the idea of learning about the greatest inventions, various wars and different periods in history that influenced literature. Therefore, the  History Society definitely challenged my critical thinking and changed the way I perceive everything. Before joining UWCSEA last year, I had never seen a drama production but, I decided to take drama for IGCSE as a learning experience and I ended up loving the subject. Later I auditioned for the High School Drama Production- The Heart of Robin Hood, though I thought that I would never get a role but, fortunately, I ended up getting a role. I was really nervous since it was my first ever drama production and I had never performed in front of a big audience before but, I overcame my fear of public speaking and gained self-confidence through the process. After Practicing multiple times, I ended up enjoying the process and gaining lots of confidence along the way. Overall, My UWCSEA activities journey was one with a lot of self-development. I learned a lot of new skills through my experiences that shaped me into a more mature individual. These skills that I learned will not only be useful in school but also later in life.

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