PSE Reflection Prompts


Skill I want to develop and why Skill I want to avoid and why
I want to develop my ability to have/start  meaningful/interesting conversations. I want to do this because I feel that I find myself disinterested (or am not interesting) when talking with people outside of my social group. I want to avoid acting in self-interest too often as I feel that sometimes I’m more than willing to get ahead at the expense of my friends.


This year, I would like to develop the skill/quality of … 

Having/starting meaningful conversations.

This is important to me because….

I find myself disinterested (or not interesting) when talking with people outside of my small social group. 

This will help me …

Create new friends and build better relationships with older ones.

This will help others …

Connect with me meaningfully.

I dislike …

My tendency to be too self-serving.

I see this in myself …

Occasionally throughout my day.

This bothers me because …

I feel bad for my friends who care about me.

I can overcome this by …

Pausing before making decisions and calculating the consequences both situationally and emotionally.

One thought on “PSE Reflection Prompts

  1. These are admirable goals Fauzan. Talking with new people can be hard, particularly if you are busy, but I think it will certainly be valuable.

    How do you think you could go about developing them this year?

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