Use of Media

After researching into the history of movies and where it originated, I learnt that movies as a form of visual entertainment originated from theatre which began around 8 BCE in Ancient Greece. I also learnt that movies where first publicly displayed in the end of the 19th century and they were in colour from midway through the 20th century. From this project I have come to understand that media has been a part of human lives for a very long time, the only thing that has evolved over time is the type of media and how and where the media is stored and accessed.

In the 21st century nearly all media is on the internet and access to the internet has almost become a right and people are reliant on their devices to access books, movies, videos, homework; the internet has essentially become the multi-faceted face of the world. To compare this to its predecessor, would be books, before the internet everything was on booms and all the information would be in libraries. This is proof that media has been here for a long time before us and a long time after, and is bound to constantly increase.

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