EE: Initial Reflection

So far, I have initially learnt  that the EE, even though it is only one mark of your entire IB grade, it reqiures a lot of dedication, research and time management. I am currently at the very beginning of the process with the research and am still trying to come up with my research question. I am planning to do my EE on Business and Management and am analysing a business in India that converts plastic waste to fuel for industries and engines. There have been some challenges though, like, for example communication with the organisation was the initial difficulty as they are a startup and their communications facility wasn’t functioning properly. The other challenge I had was that I had initially planned to do a world-studies EE with both ESS and business and management, but my supervisor thought that it would be more appropriate to do just a Business EE.

EE reflection

Today was quite an interesting day as I found out a lot about my EE. The good things I found out were that I am connecting with the founder of the company  I am planning to do my ee on and that I have enough time to complete the first 1000 words. The challenges were that I  still have to refine my research question and the reason was I had a problem with time management, I didn’t speak to business owner to get the data I needed . However , I do hope that it all ends well.

CAS: Activities; Tennis, team B

For activities, tennis was my main passion as swimming was just for fitness sake that did’nt carry on for the rest of the year due to time constraints. However, even though I was only in B team and did’nt get a chance to take part in SEASAC, I did learn a lot:

LO1: It increased my awareness of the fact that I had the strenght to hit the ball really hard and my overall fitness levels were amazing. However, I can grow in the area of confidence and courage

LO2: The challenge was that since it has been a really long time since I had last played tennis, catching up was difficult.

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