What is your relationship with poetry?

I did quite a lot of poetry last year and I felt like I really liked it because it was a fun and creative way of expressing your feelings and it was my favorite unit that we did last year, and I started making poems just for fun even if it wasn’t a task. According to my teacher, I was quite good at poetry and I just really enjoyed doing the poetry unit last year.

How is your understanding of poetry affected by your understanding of the way the poem is written?

I guess I could understand the poet’s emotion while reading the poem and the way a poem is structured is still kind of confusing to me sometimes because I don’t really understand why sometimes there are 2 lines and then just 1 line and it sometimes confuses me. I understand poetry and why people write poetry but I don’t really understand why poets write the way they write.

What are you struggling with and what are your learning goals with the poetry unit?

I’m struggling with understanding why the poets write the way they write because it confuses me and I don’t really understand what the 1 line and 2 and 4 line sentences are meant to mean or show. One of my goals is to try and understand why poets write how they do, another goal is to get back into writing poetry just for fun because after the unit ended last year I kind of stopped writing poetry so I want to try to get back into that.

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