• IFP Reflection

    Here we are trying to link words and meanings and see how it is all related. IFP always creates a lasting impression on me. We saw this very interesting and concurrently horrifying video. It showed us the drastic nature of humankind and terrifyingly how that could be amplified in children.    

  • CAS
  • CAS Learning outcomes

    for reference Writing CAS reflections-yhcutr Learning outcomes are differentiated from assessment objectives because they are not rated on a scale.The completion decision for the school in relation to each student is, simply, “Have these outcomes been achieved?” As a result of their CAS experience as a whole, including their reflections, there should be evidence that […]

  • Academic
  • Economics Market Activity Reflection

    What have you learned about how markets work and how prices are determined by playing the chips game? We have just completed a simulation with another mimicking a market in different situations: with a monopoly, a maximum price, unequal amounts of buyers and sellers and so on. Thirty students occupy a class, equal amounts spread on […]

  • Activities
  • Choosing Activities Reflection

    It is the fourth week of school and activities and services have officially started. Choosing activities this year was difficult for me as there were so many options to choose from. Here is my rationale to all the activities I wanted to join and why my reasoning behind joining or not joining. MUN After two […]