Networking Event PSE

What went well?

I think that the sheet handed out to us helped us prompt our thinking. Also due to the different types of teachers present, there were various types of conversations being held that helped prepare us for the real world. I also felt that the environment was artificially created in such a way that it allowed us to take risks that we perhaps would not be able to have taken as there was low risk. As in, as some of us are not able to talk to teachers that easily this did help people step out of their comfort zone and try things that they may not have tried.

What could be improved

There was a distorted ratio of students and teachers. Therefore there was a lot of waiting for involved and caused groups of students to feel disinterested. There was also little incentive and preparation for this activity so that also decreased possible realistic level. A way to improve this may be to split the groups up into different days to improve the ratio.

What have you taken away from the process

That being confident and taking risks are good. Adding on to this, the way you talk to adults is different to children and so that was helpful.