Participating in the Knitathon

The service knitting for Katike held a Knit-a-thon where volunteers came together for 24 hours to knit as much as they could. All of the finished products would be sent to children in Katike with not enough protective clothing to withstand the harsh winter months in the mountains. The knitathon was open to pro knitters and beginners alike.
During middle school, I was actually part of a crochet club and so in part due to nostalgic emphasis, I was eager to volunteer my Tuesday afternoon to this noble cause. I guess, I was also very interested in how this “a-thon” was run, as my “hack-a-thon” had ended only a week back and I wanted to compare and see if there were improvements to be made next time.
The experience was heartwarming as members of the GC/Focus-group shared intimate stories about their experiences with the GC and the hardships that the children they were supporting had to go through. Moreover, the environment was comforting as students were sitting comfortably in nooks around the classroom, or laying on pillows and cushions watching TV as they knitted. There was music playing and it was a relaxing hour right before the G11 mock exams.
If you needed help in your knitting, members of the GC were very happy to come and help you. Overall, it was a great experience and I enjoyed it immensely.

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