• Creativity: Book review

    I have taken up reading again and I decided that since I have opinions on the books I read I might as well put them somewhere. After reading Great Gatsby in SL Lang Lit with Mr. Sweeting, I was recommended Hemmingway. I had asked a friend for recommendations and I told him that I had […]

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  • Badminton Initial Reflection

    Learning a new sport is really fun and I enjoy it. However, there are also many things that I found difficult. The motions are a bit difficult and since I have just started playing I am not that comfortable in those stances. Moreover, during rally’s your neck needs to be craned high for long periods […]

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  • SheLeads w Ruki Roy: Reflection

    SheLeads was an event that I found out through Coding for Good. It was an event where the organizer Ruki Roy reached out to her contacts for help. Coding for Good was part of helping build their website and part of their advertising team. The event was a conference aimed towards young female aspiring engineers; […]

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  • EE Day reflection

    Today I decided on which route to take for my EE by doing preliminary experiments to see if there is a solid relationship between what I am testing. There was a slight but consistent difference of around 6% between the depth and upthrust. This allows for me to continue my experimentation at the pool once […]

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  • Initial Reflection

    Before my first meeting with my supervisor, I made sure to research relevant fundamental principles in textbooks and online, so that I had a better understanding of my topic leading to a more constructive discussion. I quickly learnt that to investigate my initial research question, the experimental setup required would be difficult to achieve and […]