EE Day reflection

Today I decided on which route to take for my EE by doing preliminary experiments to see if there is a solid relationship between what I am testing. There was a slight but consistent difference of around 6% between the depth and upthrust. This allows for me to continue my experimentation at the pool once I make a few more adjustments to my model, to reduce uncertainties in setup. Moreover, I have made many approximations but still have not accounted for them and this needs to be done before I head to the pool. I am proud that I was able to set up a prototype method with relative accuracy in measurements and that there was actually a relationship evident in about one meter depth. All of this allows me to be more confident when I reach the pool.

During planning for what I was going to do during the day, I was certain of another topic, the ascent rate of a diver depending on its volume. I had planned relevant preliminary tests and developed a model for that, but I chose not to go with this after discovering that there was a relationship with my initial idea. Now that there is, I have to go back to analyzing the static model and derive a relationship between depth and buoyancy. Moreover, as my experiment is related to fluid dynamics there is space for my experiment to go either extremely complicated or, on the other hand, extremely simple. I fear that I am on the ledge between it going simple due to my approximations. However, if I am able to explain the phenomena occurring and elaborate on why I chose my approximations, explaining what would have happened if I (for example) acknowledged that the flow of water was not laminar and gas was not ideal and so on.

My main objective currently is to first, make changes to my set-up, and then cement a working model. Next, I would like to finish my EE outline. I feel that this is extremely helpful to keep me paced and that I should clean up and collate all my research in one place as doing this will help me when I am writing my background theory and creating my citations. Lastly, I was talking to a physics teacher and they said it may be possible to get a Houdini style clear acrylic container about 2 metres tall with a 1 meter square base. However, I will have to find the manufacturer myself and ask the department to purchase it. I will have to weigh how useful this is and how much it will benefit my experiment.

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