Coding for Good – SWOT + New members

In Coding for Good we did very little advertisement but were still able to  get 10 new members. They all seemed interested and something that Coding for Good is very happy about is its high retention rate. We guess that this is because people who sign up are very interested in engineering and design and find that this is what Coding for Good offers and so want to stay. Moreover, everyone in our club is very friendly and open. The way Mr. Kann runs it is kind of like an open environment where students are free to do what they want in groups and they can ask help and learn together.

We conducted a SWOT analysis which actually differs from our usual club sessions. This is because the schedule of club is very flowing and usually not structured. Differing from this, it was strange but it was nice to see how everyone came together and worked for the better of the service. I am linking the docs below.

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