• Mid- Project week

    These photos were taken during the project week. I will provide captions. These are the sweet sisters tying a ‘sister’ bracelet to my wrist. Very sweet girls. For part of our ‘cultural’ aspect of the trip, we went to one of Kolkata’s famous traditional dress places. Here my peer and I are holding up a […]

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  • Pre Project Week

    For Project Week a lot of planning was required. We had regular meetings with our amazing project week supervisor Kristie Parker. Kolkata GC is very special because of the close relationship we have with our GC. We are always talking to them and we visit over summer in our own time anyway. Due to constant […]

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  • Challenges in CAS

    What has been the biggest challenge within CAS so far? What might you do to improve this?  I think one of the biggest challenges has been preparing for the influx of new students in Coding for Good. I have had to balance my own G12 academic as well as continuing to lead in some aspect this year’s […]

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  • (My Attempt of) Banning Plastic at Home: Change starts from within

    https://nypost.com/2019/07/02/bali-officially-bans-all-single-use-plastic-to-curb-ocean-pollution/ “Bali officially bans all single-use plastic to curb ocean pollution” – New York Post This reminds me slightly of Singapore. A small island setting an example for the rest of the world. Singapore, with its textbook economic policies that it trials on its citizens and other countries eagerly observe and critique. Bali has set […]