Coding for Good: Hackathon Initial concerns and goals

We are doing a hackathon. There is a lot of stuff to get done. I am learning first hand how to plan such an event and am enjoying the process tremendously. I should write down how the idea came about first. My role in Coding for Good seemed to be the contact person or project manager. This role seemed most sufficient for me as I was part of Exec and they always had projects they wanted C4g to do, so I thought me being in it would be easy and most convenient. I went about my role and did acquire new projects. However, the problem occurred when I went up to the most qualified members with a difficult project and they said that that they could do it but they were busy and could probably only take it up in a few weeks. This struck me as I questioned why I was even getting new projects if we did not have the capacity. That is when it hit me to start a hackathon to try and fill the gaps.