COMP SCI SL/HL: reflection

Today we went over for loops. We were asked an interview level question that is asked for computer science applications. It was the popular FizzBuzz question that was used by employers to┬átest computer science applicants ability to test their practical problem solving skills. I enjoyed this type of challenge as the skill level required to accomplish it was not that great and so it was a suitable challenge, I found. Moreover, I could use whatever I had learned so far to try and achieve the result – the trick was what was the most efficient way. I feel that the more I practice these types of challenges the more my general programming knowledge will increase and I will be more seasoned to solve these types of quickly more efficiently and effectively.

I want to try and set an achievable goal to accomplish this and come out a more experienced programmer: I will try and finish one challenge question and watch minimum one tutorial to increase my knowledge on what I can do and code.

These are the websites given to me that I can use: