Joining Service Exec: New Portfolio Head!

I have joined Service Exec as a newbie this year. Having never joined before, I, along with other old dogs, had to attend a before school started training day where we become familiar with the process of how it runs and what we had to accomplish for this year. It was interesting to see how this group functioned and worked. As an outsider, I felt that my views on it would be unique and that I could give some overall observations onto the workflow and structure of this club.

My role is managing the new service website. I have to lead it to make sure that it is used by the school and tracks all the portfolio events of services. After helping to create a layout, discussing it with the team and so forth, now I have to use a lot of custom CSS and get this thing working. I love being a part of Exec as it is so interconnected to a lot of the other services that I am a part of. Moreover, I get to see first hand the amount of work and effort that goes into all the service events that happen at our school. Students coming early, staying late, setting and packing up: all for a good cause.

My role also allows me to work closely with other members of the team. I work with the, aptly titled, Portfolio Heads, who control and stream the content, and the Communications, who connect with the services and makes sure our website is as aligned to theirs. I also predict that I work with the content managers (video editors/photographers as that is always a main part of a website. I really like website design and creation so am excited for this role and really want to put my all into it and do the best job I can.