Maths and Me

My name is Shayona, and I have completed the IGCSE CIM & Additional Maths course in Grade 9 to 10; all other maths education has not been for any boards, international or local, but internal, created and executed by UWCSEA.
I think, possibly due to a special focus towards maths in primary/middle school, I have a positive and eager outlook when, say, learning a new branch of mathematics, or facing different types of problems. Diving deeper into previously barely explored topics is something I have been looking forward too for a long time. Starting HL Maths, I predict, will be a journey with its challenges, but I am also sure that what I will learn and accomplish through this course will be immeasurably valuable in my life.
When first learning a new unit I find it necessary for the theories or different style of questions to be explained to me – after gaining confidence I transfer to the other side of the spectrum and appreciate the insight I gain from figuring problems out myself.
When I am “stuck” in mathematics, I find myself seeking help. Being unclear on a method or topic, I find it easier and more productive, instead of working on it longer myself, to utilize online resources or human.
My biggest strength in learning mathematics is that I am organized, diligent and a good communicator. I find that I work methodically, and my working is often clearly expressed which I find helps me when working on an especially challenging problem.

Is there anything else you want your maths teachers to know about you?

I think my speed in mathematics is a concern I have. Either I work too fast and splatter careless errors throughout the page, or I work too slowly, double-checking, rereading the question and my working a dozen times, and run out of time. I hope I find the balanceĀ in time.