Initial Reflection: Kolkata GC

I have been part of Kolkata since the beginning of High School and its Middle School counterpart: I-India. I have a lot of love and passion for this cause and so always wanted to continue working in this service trying to help the NGO in Kolkata as much as possible. In Grade 7, I think I joined the GC for a very jejune reason, which was connecting the dots that as I am Indian, I should, therefore, join a GC with the name “India” in it. This was purely the only deciding factor in my choice. To offer some defense, I did not really know anything about other GCs as well and so went with I-India. That may have been the reason that I joined, but was far from the reason that I stayed. In hindsight, I wonder what would have happened if I went with my other interest – preventing marine biodiversity loss, aquatic pollution, dissuading sea show patrons, really anything to do with the sea was a zealous interest of mine – and not join this GC that has now been a part of my life for more than four years.

Starting 11th grade, I was interested in pursuing a leadership role in this GC due to my knowledge of how it works and to further showcase my enthusiasm for the cause. I have always had an interest in finance and so took part in tracking the GCs finances last year under the leadership of an 11th grader (12th grader now). I am eager to continue my finance leader role this year and make sure this GC keeps track of its funds and remains a beau idéal for GC’s finance. I have so far, not explicitly taken part in the actual dance part of the GC, but have preferred to more work behind the scenes. This year I am thinking that I do want to get up on the stage and do something. I also want to offer some of my skills as an ex Graphics student by perhaps making some posters to draw even more attention to our main event: Kahaani. I also feel that I am a walking advocate for the show, Kahaani, as it seems that intertwining conversations regarding service, I always seem to find myself yelling “Sign up for Kahaani!”. Now that sign-ups are over, I intrinsically see my self changing the cheer slightly to “Go watch Kahaani!”

I am looking forward to the event to take place and be a success, as it always is, thanks to the deft leadership of the dance leaders and GC chairs. A goal I have for our GC is that perhaps we could be less dependent on this one event and branch out to other smaller events as well to help keep our GC more sustainable and proactive throughout the year. This is similar to an overarching aim the Service Exec, which I am part of, has.

I am also committed to making sure that Kolkata GC reaches the digital age with fervor. As I am a leader in Coding for Good, I know there is a project regarding the GCs website and making it clean and published. I need to make sure this is completed and ready. To achive that means clear communication.

As a finance leader, I need to make sure that I am always organized and communicate clearly with the chairs and relevant members in the GC. I will write another post when Kahaani is closer to see what has changed, regarding my role and my thoughts.