4PM Service Pre CNY Reflection

We’ve been working with the Empat PM children for 4 months now and have seen the children grow and become more confident and comfortable with us as well as with each other. Personally this is the first time I have worked with children of that age so I have also grown and learnt on how to organise activities and sessions.


Learning Objectives

LO 5 Demonstrate the skills and recognise the benefits of working collaboratively.
Working with group members to organise activities, it has shown us that we can divide up the work, and the steps needed to be done before the session, are a lot easier and more achievable if the work is divided.

LO 7 Recognise and consider the ethics of choices and actions.
During the last few sessions we have introduced the idea of recycling with the children which is one of the goals. Recycling is an ethical obligation for us and we’d like to pass on the morals and the habit to the children



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