Throughout the EE process, I stayed on topic to John Lennon and his works, as I had originally decided, however, early on I changed my subjects to English language and literature, from world studies with music and english. If I had stuck to music, I would’ve had to go into a lot of depth about the influences of the music and the history behind all the tools that he used, which would’ve taken away from the message of the song. My process involved writing the essay in bits, however, this did not flow well, so after a lot of re-reading, I made it read better, meaning the essay was easy to follow, and structured in a way that avoided repetition. If I had to redo the essay differently, I would plan out each part before writing, to stay on topic, and make it flow well from the start. I chose Lennon due to my passion in both music and social justice, as he is one of the most prominent names in both.

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