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  • Grade 12 Plan PSE

    In order for me to have a successful grade 12, I need to remember to be organised throughout, while working, and while ensuring I submit my work on time. I need to divide up my work better to reduce stress. I also need to take care of my health more. A big new challenge, is […]

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  • RC2

    In terms of my language analysis, I think I have been fairly successful, however I need to give more historical context and do more research about the 60s. Due to the time constraints, I have found it difficult to do much reading on my topic, but now I have a lot more time to work […]

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  • EE Day Exit Ticket/ Reflection

    One thing I’ve learned. Today I analysed and researched 2 songs by John Lennon: Woman is the n***er of the world and Attica State. I learnt what the songs say/protest on a deeper level, and understood more about John Lennon as a composer/lyricist. I learnt how big of an impact his activism has on his […]

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  • EE 1st Reflective Conversation

    Originally I had planned to write a world studies EE with Music and English Language and Literature. After my first meeting with my supervisor we decided that this wouldn’t work as my question. “How did the political climate influence the music and lyrics produced by Lennon” was not based in the last 10 years so […]

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  • Try 4 Cambodia Global Concern

    For our Global Concern program, I participate in Try 4 Cambodia, a group which works directly with an NGO in Cambodia called Kampuchea Balopp. Kampuchea Balopp is a Non-Profit in Cambodia which works with disadvantaged and differently abled children to assist them in participating in Rugby. LO 6 Demonstrate engagement with issues of global significance […]