Myers-Briggs Personality Test

I was classified as an ENTP-A personality type, one that I strongly identify with. I scored 54% extroversion, 81% intuitive, 64% thinking, 68% prospecting, and 59% assertive. The career paths that I identified with were entrepreneur, actor and most freelance careers. Fields like psychology also appeal to me, but I haven’t considered it deeply. I align with the workplace habits as well, those being a general dislike for structure and desire for challenge. I found it interesting to be grouped in with lunatics like The Joker and Dr. Emmett Brown, but I do identify with Tyrion Lannister and Sasha Baron Cohen. I find this test interesting as well because it is a test of identity, not personality. Therefore if there were any insights gained from the test, it would have been interesting to see how those impacted the test on a second try.

CAS reflection 1

Though the service component hasn’t started in my circus club, I have still developed the new skill of juggling. I have learnt how to juggle three proficiently, and I am moving towards juggling four. It was helpful to have help from students who have learnt this before. The national cipher challenge has been a similar experience; I had no previous experience but was caught up by classmates. The practices for Copenhagen have built on my previous experiences acting. I have had to utilise basic skills for projection and performance, but line memorisation for this play has been difficult. There is a lot of back and forth between characters, which makes the lines very difficult to cram alone. However, as we run it through in practice it is easier to focus on learning the tone and delivery of the cues as opposed to having to go off just the last sentence. Teamwork is a big part of this as well because having all the characters played by one person would give the play a very different meaning. I plan to start rock climbing as an activity because it is a challenging activity that I have enjoyed before.