A reflection on my first draft and the next steps…

Overall, I was happy with the progress I made. Finishing the first draft allowed me to see my entire EE as a whole and made it significantly easier for me to understand and apply my supervisor’s feedback. Something I need to consider now is more psychological research, in the form of a theory, for the self-esteem argument. I was able to find a secure amount of research regarding TCKs, but the links that I made connecting it to self-esteem were very weak. Although this may mean re-working the essay and dedicating even more time to research, I know I will be more confident in my newer connections.

On another note, I was pleased to have one of my main worries solved; my word count. It was clear that I invested in too much in my critical analysis, and could afford to piece certain critical analysis paragraphs together.

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Interm Reflective Conversation EE #2

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