After submitting my essay, I had a conversation with my supervisor to reflect on the entire process. In this conversation, something I reflected on was the difficulties I had forming a conclusion I was satisfied with. This difficulty was for two reasons. One; the research I had for TCKs having higher self-esteem was not as strong as the other argument. This was partially due to the limited amount of research conducted on what positively influences a TCK’s self-esteem. I wanted to make it apparent that the main weakness of this argument was the lack of appropriate research conducted, therefore it is not fair to write the argument off as lacking validity completely, as there is not enough research to confirm that. The second reason was my personal connections with being a TCK. As I myself am a TCK, I found it challenging to come to the conclusion that being a TCK has a negative influence on self-esteem. I found myself hoping for the positive outcome because of my personal connection with the topic. These two challenges, however, I was able to overcome by trying to remove myself from the context of my own work, and trying to make it evident in my EE that the lack of adequate research influenced my overall conclusion.

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EE Final Reflection

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