In yearbook this year, I am part of the Senior Pages team. This group is in charge of the Graduating Class of 2019’s pages at the end of the yearbook, our responsibilities include the deciding on and the nominations of the senior superlatives, senior quotes and leaver’s box, and correspond with the rest of the grade to ensure that everything is sent in by the internal deadlines

LO2: Challenges

One of my biggest challenges with this is trying to get my voice heard in the group. Of course, as with any activity, there is a lot of collaboration required in this activity, but with a designated leader of the group, everything ends up being her decision in the end. Often times this is the best solution to a group that often cannot decide on anything, but other times it seems like the discussions are rushed and the softer voices in the group are not even acknowledged.


To better combat this in the future, I think I will voice my opinion to the head of the group after the session, if I feel that my voice was not heard that session. This will not only help gain a broader perspective on potential ideas, but also won’t disrupt the meeting in a disrespectful manner.

I hope our collaborative skills strengthen over the course of the activity.

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Yearbook Reflection
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