G9 Science End-of-Year Exam – Reflection

We have just gotten back our Paper 2 (MCQs), as well as our Paper 4/6(Short answer and practical questions) for Science. I am okay with my overall score- I wasn’t surprised with it, but I am still a bit disappointed as I think I had the capacity to do better.

This paper, however, has helped me learn more about exam technique. One piece of exam technique I have learnt is to skip questions I am unsure of and come to them later. For example, I was spending too much time on the method writing question and so I decided to skip it and come back to it in the end, which I believe was a good decision as it made sure I had enough time to finish everything. I also learnt to take my time and not stress during the exam, which helped me stay calm during the exam.

Looking forward, I know that I really need to work on answering Paper 6 questions, such as method writing questions, drawing questions, and more, so I will make sure to work on that.  I also should work on exam technique in terms of trying to determine what the question is asking me and what the mark scheme would say, all which would also come from practising past papers. Hopefully, this will allow me to bump up my score in the future.

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