About Us

Here at Boomerang Bags, we work on building a sustainable community within our service and our school. Because of our close connection with sustainability, our service goes hand in hand with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), specifically focusing on numbers 11 and 12, sustainable cities and communities, and responsible consumption and production respectively. Our service … Continue reading About Us

Meet the Team

Activity Leaders: Oscar Gallego (oga@gapps.uwcsea.edu.sg) Natalia Fernandez (nfe@gapps.uwcsea.edu.sg) Chairs: Aryan Agarwal (agarw83173@gapps.uwcsea.edu.sg) amber huang (huang111700@gapps.uwcsea.edu.sg) Communications: Tihani Shahrudin (binti59165@gapps.uwcsea.edu.sg)   Team Photos: September 2021-February 2022: INSERT IMAGE HERE February 2022 – June 2022: INSERT IMAGE HERE Continue reading Meet the Team