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My results for the Via Character Strengths Test

Today I took the quiz on the ‘Via Institute on Character‘ website, where they identify what strengths you are stronger at. Or, more specifically, I took the quiz for the third time. There were various similarities, such as Love of Learning, Curiosity and Creativity being close to the top, and Social Intelligence and Leadership being down at the bottom. And, as of such, I wasn’t surprised.  Below I’ll show my top ten results.

My top 10 strengths, from Curiosity to Perseverance.

Curiosity and Creativity, not surprised. Forgiveness, too, I expected to be in the top three. I have, in the recent past, cried at the thought of not forgiving someone who had wronged me, so much so that my father started telling me of the importance of Justice. Of the need for retribution in the process of righting oneself. This, too, upsets me, though I know that it is, in fact, true.

Zest, as well, I expected to be high. As for spirituality, that too makes sense. I’m religious, as are my parents, my sister, and most of my extended family (on the maternal side) who I know. The Baha’i Faith.

Love of learning, Kindness, and Gratitude. Hope, I’d expect to be slightly higher, though I feel my sense of hope tied quite closely to Zest and Spirituality, and, in this case, fairly interchangeable.

And, lastly, Perseverance. Not quite the same as Bravery, though similar in a way. No doubt an umbrella over resilience, courage, mental strength and stability, and patience. Influenced by various other strengths, as all no doubt are, such as Hope, Curiosity, Zest, Bravery, Self-Regulation, and Prudence. Patience, I feel, is a personal strength of mine. I have the innate ability to (practically) never get bored. But I can talk about that another time.

Welcome to my new blog!

This is my first time having this sort of blog thingy, as well as my first day of High School! I’m looking at this as a new experience, a new journey of which I am about to embark. I’m excited to learn, create, and feel.

My name is Sophia. I’m not yet sure what I’ll be putting here; brand new experiences, times with friends and family, school stuff, various accomplishes, pictures of my two cats…