PSE Emotional Intelligence reflection.

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  • Able to overcome difficulties either interpersonal or academically (flexible)
  • Have friends who one can talk to (friend-making ability/blend in)
  • Hard-working
  • Leader of the Strive class of 8Y
    • equivalent to the student’s voice, but greater power
  • Mysterious to some degree


  • Verbally and physically annoying, extremely
  • Holds 0 knowledge to any area
  • Never want to learn except playing.
  • Not able to execute orders from anyone.


This year, I would like to develop the skill of socialising with people, as I am moving to the election of the student council.  Such talent as the basis to execute actions and connect with the school community as a whole, and one can benefit from such action in a long term basis, as socialising is an important life skill to develop. Such positive interactive trait has begun to develop last year, as I was also nominated for the new student orientation, which could be accounted for as “first time” of me participating in such an event. Although only ten new students are present, we had a good time as I talked to Jack Corral and Lavanya Kauffman. Through this orientation, I was inspired as the only difference between “can” and “cannot” is based on whether you’ve tried or not. Therefore, I was also encouraged to run for student council. In the meantime, I am also working on my hard-working trait, which is lacking to some degree currently due to distractions, as for that I have some discreet plans to work on.

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