Mandala Assignment Reflection

The main loss here is the overstretch of time used during the planning stage and overlapping other assignments. I was unable to make a fixed topic until the final week. Therefore the colouring and a few paragraph were rushed. Most importantly, for a few paragraph I did not came to a conclusion in the end which was also resulted due to the previous factor.

Overall there isn’t much of an problem except the lack of time, which is the most destructive factor that caused me to get a 11/15


—Be more logical and make more connections

—Utilize time further

—Work instead of thinking

Urban gardening

I have started to participate in gardening services about a year and half already in both Canada and Singapore. Although experiencing different climate and different goal of the garden, I started finding gardening and planting interesting. The experience was interesting.

So, why is urban gardening important to me?

Personally speaking, learning how to plant is a real life skill that can help you survive when disaster strikes. Unlike some people in the club, who was motivated by the intention of hydroponic planting, the reason I like it is by learning this skill could possible save myself if something goes very wrong.


Why SDG Goal 7 is the most important for humanity by far.

1. What was the task?

Our’s task was to research about the globe development we were given and makes the information. My goal was Goal 7—Sustainable development. 

2. How did I prepare for it?

At first, I misinterpreted the topic as present with no notes. I began to do the task 4 days before the speech and completed the day before the due date. By then, I was confused that if we are allowed to bring paper or script, which turns out we are only allowed to bring a card. Of course, I can do the card thing, however, I have a higher expectation than that and the task was extended for a weekend. 

3. Video


4. Reflection on verbal presentation

I could have done better with more practices, and my eye contact and movement gives a feeling of nature. The sound of me during the speech is overall good. However, most important, I forgot to say the citations in the middle and quote from Lee Kuan Yew at the end, which in other words means that I still lack practices and this will help the main area I will be focusing on for the future presentation. 

5. Reflect on the content. 

The written part was overall excellent and free from grammar mistakes. However, as Mr.Hannah have mentioned earlier, I need to write more about the citation and where the information is from and whether it’s reliable. 

Unit 1: Media and Digital Perspectives Task

Through research, I do realize that news could exist in many ways and could be spread through communications, news board and eventually to an application on phone. However, I also noticed that any improvement in this area is closely linked to the technological development of mankind. For example, the newspaper appeared since there is the printing press; news application appeared since there is a small digital device that runs fast. However, there is a downside to every invention. For the newspaper, it’s being criticized of creating a lot of carbon footprints; for the iPhone, it’s being criticized for making people having an addiction to digital devices.