On efficiency of my study method

On note-taking in classes:

  • Math — lacking some previous notes from previous units, however, the notetaking is near its perfection. It is possible to improvise on the arrangement of space of homework and highlight of important information.
  • History — I should convert my notetaking to writing, as note-taking by hand is not only training the speed and accuracy of the writing, it also gets rid of the useless information one who doesn’t need, as it’s impossible to record the entire lecture. Basically to trim down the useless information.
  • English — Usually no notes to take, but should be converting to written annotations
  • Spanish — more written note would be better, but it will result in confusion between my own note and the workbook. Seeking alternative right now.
  • ESS — same problem as above
  • Econs — the same problem as above

On Approach to Exam:

Lack of work is a prominent problem in all subject. More practices need to be done in all subjects and revise on content should be conducted more constantly. An outline of the work that needs to be done is needed to have a clue on what to revise.


On Communication

Of course, in time one will pass on to somewhere, where pasture may be greener. To place oneself in service of the one whose power is more significant than oneself have. Thus, the problem of communication and interpersonal relationships rises. Whether to brag, show off or just the exchange of ideas would not be possibles without communication. To put the career of one’s life, the basis of one’s life aside first, communication is unavoidable as it’s a form of social activity and the way of gaining knowledge into matters — whether it’s complicated or not, complimentary or not. In Mao’s book “on practice”, Mao Zedong stated that Man’s knowledge depends mainly on his activity in material production,… none of this knowledge can be acquired apart from activity in production.” A hypothetical conversation was set up by Mr Sweeting on last Thursday(2021.01.14), where we were put into different roles and to be engaged in different forms of conversation with different forms of emotion the person was designated to have. Through this activity, which again may be ranked as “participation of social activity”, one have gained knowledge and insight into the skills one needs to have in order to not only start a conversation but also to attract the interest of the opposite side of the conversation. It was very beneficial to me as I personally am not an expert in terms of conversation. 

PSE Emotional Intelligence reflection.


  • Able to overcome difficulties either interpersonal or academically (flexible)
  • Have friends who one can talk to (friend-making ability/blend in)
  • Hard-working
  • Leader of the Strive class of 8Y
    • equivalent to the student’s voice, but greater power
  • Mysterious to some degree


  • Verbally and physically annoying, extremely
  • Holds 0 knowledge to any area
  • Never want to learn except playing.
  • Not able to execute orders from anyone.


This year, I would like to develop the skill of socialising with people, as I am moving to the election of the student council.  Such talent as the basis to execute actions and connect with the school community as a whole, and one can benefit from such action in a long term basis, as socialising is an important life skill to develop. Such positive interactive trait has begun to develop last year, as I was also nominated for the new student orientation, which could be accounted for as “first time” of me participating in such an event. Although only ten new students are present, we had a good time as I talked to Jack Corral and Lavanya Kauffman. Through this orientation, I was inspired as the only difference between “can” and “cannot” is based on whether you’ve tried or not. Therefore, I was also encouraged to run for student council. In the meantime, I am also working on my hard-working trait, which is lacking to some degree currently due to distractions, as for that I have some discreet plans to work on.