How I Can Improve My Emotional Intelligence

The first step towards becoming more emotionally intelligent is acknowledging the areas you need to work on. Personally, I get offended too easy, I rarely let go of my mistakes, and I find it difficult to disconnect. After thorough reflection, I have come up with possible ways of attaining these goals.

The main reason why I am easy to offend is because I hold a lot of passion for my beliefs. This can be detrimental when hearing about the views of other if I am blinded by my biases. I will attempt to look at the depth and width of issues so I can grow as a critical thinker.

Ruminating can be one of the worst things to do when you are doing the IB. Even without realising, one can go into a deep spiral of regrets instead of choosing to get up and try again. Where books fall short in teaching, failure helps us to improve as people. That is a line I will try to live by for the incoming 18 months.

Back at home, I couldn’t wait until the school bell rang and I could jump into my bed, away from my classmates. Here, I actually crave social interaction. Name after name, conversation after conversation, activity after activity, I still had lots of energy to give. Now, I am starting to feel burned out though it is still the beginning of the term. I realised that its quite normal so long as I remember to give myself time and space to breathe.

By the end of my UWCSEA experience, I want to become more level-headed in discussions, more forgiving of my wrongdoings, and be able to unplug from that which does not serve me.




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