First Term Reflection


Who are you?

I am Amanda Therese Bumagat, a 17-year-old scholar from the Philippines. I love food, books, swimming and art.

By looking at me what would you know?…or not know?

By looking at me, you would try to surmise my age, ethnicity or even the barest hint of personality. But you wouldn’t know the summation of experiences that make up who I am. You wouldn’t know of the secrets I’ve fought to remain hidden or the things that truly make me happy.


Ideal Personality Types

Which one did you align with?

I aligned with “Speculating” because I know I am a very introspective person. I always take a step back and look at the picture from as many different angles as possible.

How has this impacted your thinking when working with groups so far this term?

From the start of orientation and even up to this day, I have come to collaborate with people who have contrasting thoughts as I do. Being speculative has enabled me to reach a commonality much more efficiently.


Self Talk

Since we had this lesson, have you “caught” any negative self-talk? How did you handle it in your mind?

As thoughts quickly flit through your minds, it is difficult to distinguish distinct negative thoughts from one another. The way I handled it was to physically jot it down in a journal. Confronting negative self-talk is never easy: you have to remember that nothing is constant. Sitting with your emotions, acknowledging their relevance, aids in choosing what’s best for you. I used to catastrophize everything, now I do so even less.

What is the most important thing I learned personally?

Appearances are deceiving: I subconsciously make unfair assumptions about everyone based on their external appearance. In a way, it has contributed to my warped view of myself. The more I judge people, the more I believe that they are likely to criticize me, my actions, and my motivations. I am still working towards improving this.

On the break, I’m going to relax by…

exploring Vietnam.


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