Dragons Senior Time Trials Squad

Out of all the activities I joined, swimming was the one thing I brought from home. I am alive in the water, invigorated by the feeling of it. As I had only started competitively swimming last year, I was relatively new to the sport but I had progressed immensely. Even now, though I only train three times a week, my endurance has noticeably increased. Initially, I had joined the Swim for Speed squad for season 1, but within two weeks I had transferred to Senior Time Trial squad under Coach Ruvini Domingo, a fellow Filipino. Having Coach Vini around reminded me of home yet he treated me just as fairly as other swimmers on the squad. No matter where I go, swimmers are wild, rowdy bunch that become your family. With the hectic schedule, I maintain as a part of being an IB student, swimming is a release. It can be extremely isolating at times, however I take that as a moment of deep reflection. It is an incredible honor to have gotten on the team and to continue my career as a swimmer. I am currently still adjusting to the drills, challenging as they may be, but I don’t ever want to stop. 

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