Culturama 2019 (Greece) Interim Reflection

Attending lunchtime rehearsals has been a struggle and I can see the exasperation of being late for 5-10 minutes in my dance leaders’ faces. However, I’m not willing to compromise my nutrition because I want to function in my classes. I’ll just have t0 figure out the most efficient way to make it in time for practice without having to hungry for the next class. As of now, I’m learning to be patient with the process. The steps are a little bit confusing as the counting is out of sync with the music, and apparently that is normal with this kind of style. Usually, I rely on music to figure out the rhythm of the steps. I am also finding the voice to ask my dance leaders for clarification, which consequently helps others who need help with certain parts of the dance.

Since coming here, I have been exposed to empowering activities that have enabled me to feel comfortable in my own body. I have grown less self-conscious and I find myself flowing along to the music. Sirtaki is an ensemble piece that relies on everyone doing their parts well. This has allowed for better communication and collaboration within the group. With the show coming up in a few days, everyone is on edge. It is simultaneously anxiety-inducing and hair-raising. I feel like it has only been a few weeks ago that we were learning the steps, now everything is coming into place. 


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