Task #1: Reflecting on theatre performances

Task Brief:

Look at the ways of reflecting on performance below and do so in your journal (min 50 words each)


Write an objective description of a significant moment in one of the exemplar videos you have watched. Avoid any reflection or emotion. Simply present the facts. Write in the third person and do not give any indication of the significance.


Write a description of the same significant theatre moment but this time in terms of it being a personal experience, explaining your thoughts or feelings. Write in the first person.


Explain about the significance of that theatre moment and the impact it could have on our work, your approaches and perspectives. Write in first person.

Task Piece:


As the scene ends the actors began moving to their next positions. One went from standing on the chair in the center to sitting and clutching the rim. The other two crawled from where they lay to the left and right behind the chair to standing by the chair’s sides and holding the back. They then proceeded to rock the chair from side to side. The other actor still sitting clutching the chair bottom. As the rocking continued the sitting actor began to recite dialog before ending in a sweeping arm gesture from hands pointing in towards their chest to outwards and away where the other two actors grabbed the hands and transitioned into the next scene.


The previous scene had already made a profound statement and I couldn’t predict how this next scene would play out or what new perspective it might illustrate to me. When the sea sounds began to play I knew it had to do with water, maybe a beach or perhaps a boat. My second guess was right and was only further reinforced by the swaying action made to the chair. Finally the story they told as the little girl was swung from side to side by the crashing sea waves was felt right in my heart and the ending with the addition of the arms to emphasise the point really brought home the whole scene.


The significance lay in both the scenario and environment as well as the character being portrayed and their heart wrenching story. The familiar effect of a refugee all alone sailing the choppy and dangerous voyage to another land made the moment tense and instantly recognisable and understandable. The addition of the little girl showed how no one was being left out including the young, innocent children and to top it all off the story of her parents dying in an explosion in their own home brought the misery and sadness of the situation home. The effect on my work and performance was to use concise and sharp points to focus on and then to exaggerate actions that make these points clear. It was also to ensure there wasn’t too much happening at any one time with one central character and story with contextual actions helping to situate the where and when. It also made me want to consider how I might use familiar stories to allow the audience to connect to the story more and take more meaning by applying what they already know about the situations and scenarios similar to that which is trying to presented in the scene.

A summary


Minecraft has been a revolutionary thing that has effected and changed many people and industries. From being one of the first early-access success’ to uniting groups of people and providing a medium for those who struggle to do even the most menial of tasks.

Identify main topic: Celebrating the many and varied success’ of minecraft

Drama Journal




I decided to look at timetables because that was the only interesting thing I did on my phone. Really these days I rely more on laptops and computers. I didn’t really research the topic much and purely relied on my existing knowledge, but I did try to look for dates based on real release dates and be relatively realistic and accurate.

Originally things like the computer and tablets were going to be included or split flaps, but we don’t really use tablets as phones are actually more accessible and computers came after the pager so…

Looking back I could’ve tried to use other software to make it more readable, but I think for the classroom and this context it has worked out ok as the doodle style drawings and hand written nature adds a comical aspect that enhances the lack of details in the actual timeline.

Overall I think people have only learned to assert their understanding of current and past technologies and if anything was learnt it would be that there exists a thing known as the “pager”.



First: AMAZING aesthetics. From the font to the colour scheme it all works very well to create a friendly and eye catching poster.

Second: The text is varied in score. Some are short and concise. Where others appear at first glance to carry on and presumably people are a) inclined not to read that section and/or b) to just stop reading the poster.

Third: The pictures are nice as well, but could’ve been cropped to fit in more and maintain a consistent size, format, layout and aesthetic.

What did I learn? That we went from using approximations of position (guess work) to star mapping and charting/mapping the seas and eventually using advanced technology to accurately measure our location to mere meters.

7/10 Aesthetics: +Font, +Colour, +Layout, -Text size, -Image size

8/10 Information: +Informed, +Well structured, -Conciseness

Padlet based question: Complete this personality test-review, how accurate you find the results to be

16Personalities seems to be a widely used and accepted standard in main stream personality testing. I have taken the test before and it is interesting to see how my results have changed over the past 2 years.

The results this time were:

Personality Type: The Advocate (INFJ-T)

Individual traits:

  • Introverted – 69%
  • Intuitive – 62%
  • Feeling – 54%
  • Judging – 51%
  • Turbulent – 64%

Role: Diplomat

Strategy: Constant Improvement

It also described many things that I feel do reflect the way I think and feel at the present time. Decisions I have made and continue to make correlate very closely to the personality test result.


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What else do you want to get involved with at UWCSEA?


What service program will you join? Why?


No. Um… Tech Tinkerers. Because I was convinced to join and promised fun and enjoyment.

What is like to be at UWCSEA


Describe your Singapore experience

I have live in Hong Kong my whole life so moving to Singapore almost felt natural. The similarities between the 2 cities are very small and slight. Mainly stemming from the independence in governing power and how the government operates.

Singapore is still a very small developed nation and the infrastructure that is often attributed to developed nations is very much under construction. Compared to Hong Kong which has an intricate and tall skyline, Singapore’s is quite plain, simple and uninteresting (when viewed from Marina Bay sans the only good and beautiful building).

The laws are interesting and I am very much enjoying the illicit nature of bubble gum and chewing gum. I have personally never participated in such despicable acts and am very glad I can sit on benches and tables without worry of touching someone else’s gum or going for a walk and finding some on the bottom of my show.

The public transport is also very good, although Hong Kong’s feels more streamlined and developed. This may not be the case in less developed and upper class areas so I can’t make a fair assessment, but Singapore’s system seems to do its job for the however many people who live and work here.

Overall my experience so far has been very positive and I look forward to the next 3 years here.